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95630 Snoring Appliances

At Lakeside Dental, our practice is dedicated to providing our patients with state-of-the-art care in general, family and cosmetic dentistry. As a skilled and experienced dentist, Dr. Elena Ogan is committed to keeping current with the latest developments in dental technology, research and technique for the benefit of her patients. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of services to address your dental needs, we also offer treatment to help ensure your overall wellbeing. With our custom designed 95630 snoring appliances, we help patients get a full, restorative night’s rest.

95630 Snoring Appliances

Snoring is an issue that’s anything but silent. According to a recent survey, 1 out of 5 adults in the nation confess that their partner’s snoring is enough to drive them out of bed at night. And it shouldn’t come as a shock that the same study found that over 25% of people are annoyed by their partner’s snoring, if not downright concerned about their health. At Lakeside Dental, we offer a safe and comfortable solution to your snoring worries. Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of the throat slacken, occluding the airway. As air tries to get through, the soft tissues rattle with the passage of air, creating that oft bemoaned snoring sound. While it may come as a surprise that your dentist offers 95630 snoring appliances, the truth is that as dentists, we can ensure that your oral appliance is designed as safe, effective and comfortable as possible by taking into account the unique considerations of your bite. Our oral appliances are ergonomically designed to gently hold the jaw in a forward position, maintaining an open airway and helping to eliminate snoring throughout your bedtime hours. By eliminating snoring, you’ll experience the added benefit of improved oxygenation of the blood—something which has the potential to make your night’s rest more restorative.

When it comes time to sleep, silence is golden. To learn more about how we can help you and your bed partner get a quieter night’s rest with our customized 95630 snoring appliances, give a call to Lakeside Dental today!

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