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Folsom root canal

Root canal therapy, offers the most effective way to preserve a tooth that’s been compromised by significant decay or injury. While lingering myths persist about this procedure, with advances in dental technology and care it is as comfortable and stress-free as getting a routine filling.  If you have an injured, decayed or otherwise damaged tooth that is in need of a Folsom root canal, you can rest assured that your smile is in the very best of hands at Lakeside Dental. Dr. Ogan and our team prioritize the comfort and care of all our patients first and foremost.

Folsom root canal

Inside every tooth is either a single central chamber or multiple ones that contain connective tissue, a nerve supply, and blood vessels. These core tissues, known as the dental pulp, help your tooth to grow and mature before it emerges into the mouth. When the nerve supply to a tooth has been irreversibly affected by damage or decay, a Folsom root canal can prevent or help resolve a dental infection and save the natural tooth from extraction. After assessing your condition assisted by the latest diagnostic technology, our dentist will develop a course of treatment that promptly restores the health of your smile. Keeping you comfortable and well informed throughout the procedure, Dr. Ogan will remove the inner nerve tissue of the tooth, clean and sanitize the area, and then place an inert filling material to prevent subsequent reinfection. With a success rate well over 90%, a tooth that has had a root canal procedure and been restored can remain healthy and functional throughout your life.

Dr. Ogan and her team are committed to the highest standards of care and patient satisfaction. Highly regarded for our compassionate service and outstanding treatment outcomes, our aim is to make all our procedures, including Folsom root canal comfortable and worry-free. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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